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As a Central Listing broker representing sellers, Matthew Stone specializes in guiding yacht owners through the sales process. With a wealth of experience, having successfully closed over 100 deals, Matthew offers invaluable insights into market dynamics. He assists sellers by determining the optimal asking price and devising effective marketing strategies for their yachts.

Matthew takes a hands-on approach, managing every aspect of the sales process. From creating tailored content to engaging with potential buyers, he handles all communication, schedules showings, and skillfully negotiates offers, contingencies, and conditions. Sellers can rely on Matthew’s expertise to navigate the complexities of yacht sales and secure the best possible deals.

Why List with Matthew Stone

Experience a swift and seamless sale at the right price, with no loose ends, by choosing Matthew Stone as your dedicated partner. With over a decade of expertise in the yachting industry, Matthew is widely regarded for his experience, savvy, and unwavering integrity. As a seasoned dealmaker, his numerous repeat clients and referrals attest to his exceptional business acumen and character.

IYC, a perennial top performer in the global brokerage industry, stands as a distinguished global brand equipped with extensive sales data and marketing resources. Matthew enhances this powerhouse’s reputation by crafting a personalized marketing program, designed to maximize impact and visibility. Yachts represented by Matthew shine brightly, effortlessly standing out from the competition.

Luxury Yacht Marketing Leader

Generating leads is the result of strategic and impactful marketing efforts. It demands a deep understanding of the market, access to valuable resources, and specialized expertise. Matthew excels in this arena with a tailored marketing approach. His fully customized program focuses on creating yacht-centric, captivating content delivered through various digital and print channels, including websites, videos, brochures, mailing campaigns, articles, and collateral materials.
yachting videos matthew stone
yachting videos matthew stone
Matthew elevates a yacht’s selling points to unparalleled heights by transforming it into a distinctive brand, embodying prestige and desirability. His approach accentuates the vessel’s pedigree, narrates its captivating story, showcases key features, capabilities, and notable track record.

The communication strategies are flexible and tailored to the seller’s preferences. Content can be made fully public or exclusively shared with pre-qualified buyers. Handpicked highlights are featured on Matthew’s personal website and various media channels. Additionally, information is disseminated through his extensive professional networks and integrated into industry-wide multiple listing systems.

Utilizing IYC’s global brand, expansive international reach, and corporate marketing resources, Matthew disseminates content to potential buyers worldwide and engages with the professional brokerage community. His content enjoys broad exposure through IYC’s extensive media channels.

IYC actively participates in leading industry events, connecting with both B2B and B2C audiences. We also collaborate on cross-marketing initiatives with partners in high net worth markets.

Choosing a professional and experienced broker is paramount to a successful sale or purchase. With Matthew’s established track record, sterling reputation, and industry affiliations, you can expect a level of service that’s backed by a strong foundation. Whether you’re selling your yacht or embarking on a new purchase, Matthew’s expertise is your guide through the process

yachting videos matthew stone
yachting videos matthew stone

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Matthew Stone

My experience in the local yachting community combined with international exposure ensures that every client I represent reaches their safe harbour near and far.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States